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Brighton's premiere resource for world music instruments, repairs and tuition

We make and sell a wide range of beautiful instruments, specialising particularly in the West African kora, djembe and percussion, and offer high quality instrument repairs and lessons from our shop in Brighton

Fine Handmade Koras

We are especially known for our fine handmade koras which we make ourselves, and sell both online and in our Brighton shop. Our instruments are used by many well-known kora players, such as Sekou Keita, Jally Kebba Souso, Madou Cissokho etc.

The kora is one of the archetypal West African instrument and it has a long and venerable history. Traditional koras have 21 strings, eleven played by the left hand and ten by the right. The sound is rather like a harp, but the layout of the strings allows both hands to pluck the strings in polyrhythmic patterns. Riffs and improvised runs can by played at the same time by skilled players.

Our koras are fitted with high quality contemporary machine-heads for tuning, so you spend less time tuning and more time playing! For those who would like to learn to play the kora, our resident kora master Jali Mbye is available for private lessons.

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We always have in stock a wide range of fine quality, traditional rope-tuned West African Djembes. These are individually handmade in the traditional way by master craftsmen.

As these drums are all individually made and our stock is always changing so please call or come into the shop to find out what we have in stock.


The Balafon is a type of Marimba originally from Mali. We make and sell a range of authentic Balafons.

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Other Instruments

We sell an ever-changing eclectic range of unusual and ethically sourced instruments from our Brighton shop, including percussion from around the world, woodwind, strings, gongs and instruments for shamanic practitioners and therapists.

Our Shop

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Established in 1994, our Brighton shop (on Trafalgar Street in the North Laines) has a reputation as trusted suppliers of quality instruments from around the world. Our staff, made up of experienced professional players, teachers, makers and repairers, offer expert friendly advice to all who share our love of music and the means to make it. We are suppliers and repairers of choice for professional percussionists, enthusiasts, music therapists and educators.

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