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Brighton's premiere resource for world music instruments, repairs and tuition

Other Instruments

We sell an ever-changing eclectic range of unusual and ethically sourced instruments from our Brighton shop, including percussion from around the world, woodwind, strings, gongs and instruments for shamanic practitioners and therapists.

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Whistles, Flutes, Etc.

We carry a large range of mouth-blown instruments. This includes didgeridoos, recorders, low whistles from many makers, folk flutes and whistles from Asia and Africa, unusual jaws harps, pan pipes, nose flutes, penny whistles, samba and train whistles, ocarinas, harmonicas, melodicas, ney, kazoos, bamboo saxophones, swanee whistles, bird calls, pocket trumpets, fart whistles, conch trumpets and stadium horns.

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We are justifiably renowned for our percussion knowledge. If it is struck, scraped, shaken, stroked or slapped, we can source it. We supply from all major manufacturers such as LP, Meinl, Natal, Toca etc. but also pride ourselves on our ability to source top quality instruments from other genres. Examples include a broad range of hand-crafted West African djembes, bougarabou and balafons, Indian tabla, Egyptian darabuka, Turkish dumbek and a vast range of samba supplies. Our range of hand percussion such as bells, shakers and guiros is huge and we have a large selection of effects and great musical items starting from under £1.

Click to see our stock of djembes, drums & tabourines, percussion and tuned percussion.


Stringed Instruments

Apart from our renowned koras we maintain a small but varied stock of unusual stringed instruments designed and made by our proprietor Les Sherwood. These are becoming the first choice for professional players due to their legendary tonal quality and reliability.

We also stock, make or can source nyatiti, n’goni, gimbre, harp zithers, saz, sitar, tambura, rhebab, berimbau, gopichand, cavaquinho and ukelele, to name but a few.


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Bowls, Bells and Gongs

We are well established and respected suppliers of top quality singing bowls, sourced directly from Asia and hand picked for excellence of tone. We also stock a range of gongs, finger cymbals and effects instruments such as chimes, wind chimes, bell trees and vibratones.